Biotechnology consists in the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make products, or any technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives there of, to make or modify products or processes for specific use.

A successful Biotech Entrepreneur has to acquire and demonstrate significant combinations of technical, commercial and operational skills; the acquisitions start in school and continue all life long, because Biotech is a "living" science, in a permanent change. This is why the project should take an interdisciplinary approach.

The General Objective of the proposal is to decrease the unemployment of European higher education graduates by increasing the level of successful Biotechnology graduates following an entrepreneurial pathway.

Specific objectives have been set up:
1. Developing innovation in Biotech higher education towards entrepreneurship by delivering five innovative intellectual outputs to be used by Biotech and Economics HE teachers and students in the educational process.
2. Development of entrepreneurial culture and skills of at least 220 Biotech and Economics students involved directly in the project activities by delivering two educational materials and one training program.
3. Enlarge the inter-academic and academia-business cooperation in the field of Biotechnology by the involvement of at least four academic Biotech providers, one Economic university and at least 12 Biotech stakeholders.

In the consortium will be involved 6 partners: 4 universities providing Biotechnology education, one university providing Economics and IT education and a Biotech professional Association (NGO) with relevant Biotech business connections. Relevant Associated Partners will get involved in the project activities.

The target groups include two main categories: higher education teachers and Master/PhD students mainly from the field of Biotechnology, as well as from the field of Economics.

Impact will target short and medium/long terms indicators affecting Biotech and Economics higher education, Biotech business and other Biotech stakeholders, partner organisations, policy makers and general public.