In this proposal have been set up three specific objectives. For their achievement transversal/ continuous activities will be implemented, as well as dedicated/ specific activities.

In the TRANSVERSAL/CONTINUOUS ACTIVITIES will be taken into account: (A1) Project Management, (A2) Visibility and Dissemination and (A3) Quality assurance (Monitoring and Evaluation).

(A1) PROJECT MANAGEMENT . Project Management will take into account Time Management, Resources Management, Financial Management. The consortium will set up a Management Board coordinated by the Applicant through the Project Manager. The coordination plan and decisional process and plan will be described further in the allocated section. The driving documents used in the project management will be the signed Grant Agreement, seconded by the Partners Agreement. Specific tools will be employed during the management:
(A2) Visibility and Dissemination. This continuous activity will be details in the allocated section (results to be disseminated, potential recipients, tools to be employed). In charge with the coordination will be the Applicant, by a nominated expert, seconded from each partner by a local responsible.
(A3) Quality Assurance (Monitoring and Evaluation), transversal activity, will be coordinated by the (P6) TUCEP and each partner will nominate a responsible.

M1-M4 (TRANSNATIONAL PROJECT MEETINGS) will be four during 24 months of implementation; will target 2 persons from each partner. Details are described below referring to the location and agendas. In charge for the whole organization of a meeting will be the host organization.

O1-O5 (INTELECTUAL OUTPUTS). Five OIs are proposed to be developed during the project implementation and are targeting HE students and professors. All the partners will get involved in their development according to their expertise and coordination has been distributed in an balanced manner among the partners.

  • O1 – ” Success stories in European Biotech Entrepreneurship ” (on-line page with text and images, and video-testimonials) will be coordinated by (P6) TUCEP . It is expected to be delivered in Month 6.
  • O2 – ” European Biotech Entrepreneur Profile ” will be conducted by (P4) UPV. It is expected to be delivered in Month 8.
  • O3 is a Course Module in Biotechnology & Entrepreneurship and associated training materials to this module. It is expected to be finalized by the end of Month 16. The coordination will be taken by (P3) UNIPG.
  • O4 is intended to be a “Handbook of Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology- an European perspective” delivered in digital and printed format. The delivering time is expected to be Month 19. The coordination of the action is taken by the Applicant, UASMVB.
  • O5 will be a E-platform for Biotech Start-up simulation. Is going to be delivered by the end of Months 19 under the coordination of (P2) URA.

Four multiplication events will be organized. In each partner country will organized 1 multiplication event for all developed intelectual outputs, targeting Biotech and Economic HE students and professors. In each country the task will be assumed by an academic partner (UNIPG, UPV, URA and KUL).

Two training activities will be delivered. In the first year will be delivered C1 targeting Biotech& Economic HE professors (blended mobility of staff). The coordination of the training will be taken by (P4) UPV.
In the second implementation year will be organized a summer school for Biotech and Economy Master and PhD students in Bucharest to simulate the start-up of a Biotech Enterprise; activity will be under the coordination of the Applicant (UASMVB).